Hack your jeans

One of the most likely points of failure (knee) of my favorite pair of jeans failed recently and rather than toss them or patch them with an unsightly standard denim patch, I hacked them. I used some fabric scraps from other projects namely, two quilts and a pillowcase as well as two mismatched buttons. The only thing I had to buy for this project was Wonder Under and I got a whole yard of it (waaaay more than I needed) for $1.99.

I used the owl stencil from Craftzine’s Blog for the design. Wonder Under is fabulous. It turns regular old fabric into an iron on applique – and in this case – a patch. I only needed a needle and thread for sewing on the eyes (aka buttons).

By making a decorative patch for my pants, I am still able to wear them to work and I saved $35 that would have been spent to buy another pair of Levis. Yay!