Dalek Illusion Dishcloth – Free Pattern

Illusion knitting is a technique that allows you to knit hidden patterns or pictures into you knitting. When you look at a finished illusion knit project straight on you typically see stripes or a standard color pattern in contrasting colors however, when you look at it from an angle you will see the hidden design. The only skills required to knit most illusion patterns is the ability to knit, purl, change colors, and be able to read a chart. While the knitting itself is simple it does require a little concentration to keep your place in the chart.

This dishcloth has the hidden pattern of a Dalek and is based on the Exfoliate Dalek Cloth by Penwiper who has given permission to publish this pattern and modifications (thank you!!). It is best knit on smaller needles than your yarn recommends to keep the pattern tight and visible. The color changes are easily carried up the side of the cloth and I recommend using contrasting colors so that the hidden image shows clearly.

Illusion ClothDalek Cloth

Download now or grab it here on Ravelry.

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