KALs and Space and Bugs – Oh My!

I have hardly had any time to knit lately what with kids’ soccer games, spring school and band events and my husband’s crazy schedule. Add in all the time I have spent crafting for the shop and I am lucky I even get to sleep!

I am participating in two craft alongs on Ravelry. The first is a sock pattern (which is also being tested) and I am loving it. I am about a week and a half behind everyone but I am plodding along. It’s coming along really nicely!I am actually turning the heel now so this photo is a little behind where I actually am.

I don’t have a progress photo of my crochet-a-long which is too bad because I think this bag will be fantastic. I am three weeks behind on it but I will get it done. I am thankful to have a use for a giant ball of kitchen cotton I bought last fall and I love bags!

In other news the Princess has completed her first soccer season scoring two goals in the final game and completing it undefeated! Yeah! Not that they count at this age, they didn’t even have officials but it is still super cool.

The Bulldog completed his solar system project this weekend and I am very proud of him. He really went all out and I had to help him very little just doing the parent type things like cutting the dowel rods, using the hot glue gun and spray painting the black backdrop inside the box. It was a big project and I think it is fantastic!

Solar System Project

And lest I forget, I took a picture of a creepy and cool looking bug. After Googling, I think it might be a Common Whitetail Skimmer dragonfly:

Dragon Fly Maybe