Weekend Yarn Prep

I prepped A LOT of yarn this weekend. I rescued over 700 yards of angora/nylon/wool blend from a thrifted sweater and even more cotton from two sweaters that my boys had outgrown in yellow in plum. I will be respinning the angora blend to put some twist back into then popping it into the shop. The cotton will be respun then plied with each other to make a wonderful crazy new yarn. It will also appear in the shop but I am not sure if it will be a stand alone item or make its debut as part of a kit.

I also thread plied some corridale handspun and dyed a skein of sock yarn a wonderful color I am calling Rusty Sunset.

Thursday I will be doing a shop update with some new tiny snag free stitch markers that are great for keeping track of lace and sock patterns. I have been using a set with some socks I am knitting and they really do the job! Also coming will be the first round of the yarn I processed over the weekend.

Have a great Monday!