Free Shipping on Stitch Marker Orders

It has been raining non-stop almost for the last week. It’s dreary, damp, cold and not spring like at all! To top it all off my webhost had my sites down for 36 hours before I was able to get technical support. I apologize for the downtime and the lack of updates due to the downtime. I hope the weather is better where you are!

I have implemented a new shipping policy here at the shop. All stitch marker only orders will be processed with free shipping! Yay! Unfortunately PayPal will still charge the shipping during their part of the transaction, and I cannot work around that, but I will refund the shipping amount through PayPal when I proceeds the order. Guess what? International orders qualify too! It’s my way of saying thanks for supporting handmade and small businesses like mine!

Celebrate by checking out the new stitch markers available and add a little bling to your projects!

New Stitch Markers and Free Shipping