Kitties & Crochet

Crochet CardiAll the dreary rain made it impossible to go outside so I snuggled up in a shawl, watched season one of BBC’s Robin Hood, and crocheted! I am happy to say that I completed my crochet Swing Cardi that I made for a coworker’s new arrival. I worked it for the 12 month size so she should grow into it right around fall. I am very pleased with the pattern and think I will upsize it and make it for my own five year old daughter. Pattern is the Lion Brand Short & Sweet Child’s Cardi and is available for free.

I have been a crocheting fool lately and also made some Dr. Horrible Googles, a coffee jacket out of my handspun, and am working on a baby star afghan. Actually, I think I have about 5 projects in progress right now and am working on a free knitting pattern for a shrug. I am hoping to be ready to publish that by the end of the month, knock on wood.

I have some newly recycled and dyed angora/nylon/wool blend yarn all ready to be photographed then put up into the shop. It is dreamy soft! Since I titled this post kitties and crochet, here are the kitties!

Disapproving Cat

Basket Kitty

Cuddles with Kitty & Bunny