My Garden

I spent most of last weekend hacking at weeds. As you know from a previous post or two I did have a garden of mud thanks to repeated heavy rains and flash flooding. That seems to have mostly passed now and left me with a garden of weeds and a few spots of flowers. The big patch of wild flowers has like three flowers in it and the rest weeds so I went out and hacked everything down. These pics are from a week or two ago before it was completely out of hand so they don’t look quite as bad as it is… the good news is that a few of my flower beds have really started to flourish so I will take all new pictures of my prides and joys soon.

On the veggie front my tomatoes don’t seem to be turning very fast but I have a ton of green ones and my cantaloupe runners are really getting long. I can hardly wait for goodies!

Yarn update: The Harry Potter yarn colorways are flying out of the shop as fast as I can dye. Do not fret, I have a whole new batch to come through on Monday. I have really had to up the production but they are on their way!

Now, for the gallery!