Fiber Fest photos & spinning with some art

Mostly photos! Pictures from the World Sheep and Fiber Arts Fest are embedded below. I took a spinning class with Brenda from natchwoolie (check out her shop!!) and they were awesome! Photos of her teaching us are in the album, she was a great teacher and I love the products I bought from her booth!

What I have spun:

Beaded yarn, spun with a batt from Brenda’s booth and some beads:

Beaded Handspun

I think this shall be knitted into a little bag.

Trying out using up some novelty yarn, to make a whole new yarn. I dyed some roving, spun some DK singles, then plyed it with the novelty yarn. I call it Muppet Vomit lol. I think it will eventually become a knitted toy for Little E.

From the fiber fest: