Fiber Fool!!

I have been a crafting fool this month but now that my restock of yarn blanks have come in I have started filling the dye pots back up. Ready for more yarn? I have two new bases, a springy 75/25 wool/nylon sock yarn and a smooshy and superb 100% merino yarn. I am doing paired colorways this week so you will have the opportunity to pick up each colorway in either base. These will hit the site on Sunday evening! You are going to LOVE it. I am hoping to have time to completely redesign the site and the cart interface next week. I think a restructuring is in order and will help separate the blog from the shop a little more and make navigation easier.

Now back to show and tell with my crazy productive crafting. I only knit/crochet about a mile this month, here is what I finished:

Another starghan (free pattern):

Sweater for our pooch (free pattern):

Spring Beret (free pattern):

Amelie slouchy hat (free pattern):

Mini Slytherin Quidditch Socks (I winged them so there is no pattern):