Handknit socksI managed to squeak out both pairs of socks in time for my 6 year old’s birthday, barely but they got done. She had picked out the yarn from the Knit Picks catalog and desperately wanted socks out of it. Handknit socks You can never go wrong with colorways with the names Fairy Princess and Unicorn, much less pink and purple! She was very happy with her gifts. She also got her first china tea set and wasted no time setting up a tea party for one of the cats.

Tea Party

This morning I have skeins drying outside and am hoping the rain holds off a little longer as well as 7 more in the dye pots (photo is from the mobile phone so not as high a quality as I would like). The worst part is reskeining all of it! I am trying some new techniques to get ready for the sock clubs as well as getting some colors together for kits that I will be including in a Phat Fiber sampler in a few months. It’s been a productive week! Yarn