43 days…

Christmas CalendarAs of right now there are 43 days left til Christmas. Wait, what? FORTY THREE DAYS! I have accomplished ONE holiday gift out of the MILES of yarn I have left to knit. I’m in a little bit of a panic and starting to just pretend it isn’t coming. Sorry for all the caps, I will try not to yell with my eyes popping out of my head for the rest of the post.

Stopping to buy some more supplies at the shops last night for the yarn clubs did not remind me of the approaching doom holiday since I think the shops put Christmas decorations out the day after Independence day and I am no longer affected by these details. I did spot some fantastic Hello Kitty Christmas fabric but I couldn’t justify purchasing it.

The Who’s Your Doctor club was met with tremendous response and it is all I can do to contain myself and not post spoilers. Hints will come soon though, must have patience. The Tonal club still has lots o’ spots. You should sign-up for it because it will be so full of elegance and magic! Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Tonight I am taking a break from club obsession to go to knitting group because I really need to get some knitting done or everyone is going to get yarn samples and IOUs for FOs for Christmas. I hope your holiday crafting is going well and on track!

One more thing! NGY has a group on Ravelry now, you should go check it out. Also, sign-up for the newsletter and get informed on free patterns, new clubs, and new yarns as soon as they arrive!