The love of our pets

Larry Summer 2010

Larry, Summer 2010

Last night we lost our cat Larry. He was a raggedy looking cat that we took in years ago. When we first met him he was eating from trashcans and preferred to sleep under bushes in the snow instead of a soft bed indoors. We didn’t know anything about him and as far as we knew he was just one of the neighborhood feral cats – there were a lot of them where we lived at that time.

He was a very tolerant and sweet cat and as time went on he learned to enjoy the comforts of a warm house. We made him ours while moving. After being away from the property for a month we returned to find him emaciated. Even though other people in the neighborhood were feeding all the wild outside cats he wasn’t fighting hard enough for the food and without us paying him special attention to make sure he got his share he was slowly starving. We fed him, loaded him into our vehicle and took him with us on the move to a new house and a new life. We had always referred to him as Kitty up until then but decided he needed a real name as part of our family and we called him Larry.

Summer nap time

Summer nap time

After relocating and adjusting to the new house for a few weeks he demanded to be let out again. It wasn’t unusual for him to wander away overnight or even as long as a few days but we always worried and went looking for him. As he got older he started wandering less and enjoying the cozy bed and couch even more.

Larry was my garden cat. He protected the garden from rabbits and squirrels. He wandered the yard with me when I worked outside always laying nearby. Wherever I went, he went too.

We moved again, and Larry came along too as now he had been part of our family for years. He started going outside and wandering less, preferring to stay nearby sleeping on the porch or the deck. Larry was getting old. Since he was in such bad shape from such a hard previous life we don’t know exactly how old he was, but he was showing signs of becoming an elderly cat.

Larry doing yoga

Larry doing yoga

Every morning Larry went outside with me as I enjoyed the start of the day and my morning coffee. He expected me to come along with him when he went out and it was our time. We enjoyed working in the yarn and the garden – I could spend all day outside and he would follow me as I worked. He was my best friend, always listening to me and always purring. When he wanted a petting he would headbutt your hand. Even though he was a hunter he was the most mellow cat I have ever known and was patient and loving to even the smallest of the children. I had no fear that he would harm them.

This summer his health started to decline and he had the appearance of an elderly cat. He started getting thinner, and taking less care of himself and we knew his time with us was getting shorter.

Last night he went from wandering outside and cuddling with the family to hiding in a corner and not moving much in just a matter of hours. I made him a bed by the radiator and waited for the vet to open in the morning but he passed on before the sun rose.  He will be missed more than I can even explain. Our pets are members of our family as much as any of our human counterparts are and it’s sad when we lose them. We will miss you terribly Larry.