Let’s talk fiber

I’m talking fiber because while I love love love to dye I also love to spin. It’s my soul refresher after dyeing all those same colorways for clubs. Clubs are stressful – first getting the colorway mastered, then getting them all made the same, then getting them all packed and sent, then anxiously waiting for them to arrive at their destinations. I need to spin the world away! And spin I have.

My name is Christa and I am addicted to batts. I want to spin from nothing else, I LOVE batts. Julie at Bad Kitty Yarns makes amazing batts and they spin like buttah – fluffy clouds of wonderful.

So here they are, my yarn pr0n for the day, Green Lantern and Monster Mash. Green Lantern is ~23 yards of super bulky corespun love and Monster Mash is ~20 yards of super bulky corespun hotness.