The threat hasn’t passed – Stop SOPA

The internet is near and dear to my heart – as is free speech, creativity, fair use, innovation, due process, and everything else that is threatened by PIPA and SOPA. This threatens not only your access to information, but your right to publish your own creative works, your ability to sell your creative works, your right to free speech on forums and your own blog, your ability to communicate via social networking sites, and your right to due process if you violate these potential laws.

I have turned off my blackout as of 8pm EST but the risk has not passed nor is it of interest only to Americans. Get educated, share the knowledge, and take action!

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What’s On the Blacklist? Three Sites That SOPA Could Put at Risk [EFF] (Etsy is on this this list)

Think this doesn’t affect you as a maker or a crafter? Think again. Read this message at Etsy.

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Take Action!

Stop the Wall

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