This blog is for writing…

Sometimes life just gets so BUSY that I don’t even know which way I am going which is probably what is contributing to two illnesses in less than a month. I am incredibly thankful for all the amazing people – both customers and everyone that just hangs out in the NGY Rav forum – that not only sometimes help me get thru an exceptionally rough day but that also rally around, circle the wagons and support one another. You have made the forum into a community that I am proud to belong to.

It’s been more shop news than anything else on the blog as of late – the plan was to chatter on and on about knitting, crochet, spinning, bits of life and random happenings but where does those interesting bits stop and whining and overshare start? Since that question has been on my mind, it has stifled many a post. Life is complicated and messy at even the best of times. I could post about my last 30 days of crafting, if only I actually had project photos. 😉 I have managed to take photos of my most recent spins so on with the yarnie picspam!

Yarn for the NGY Swap:

Daylight Come and Me Wanna Go Home

And new handspuns that have debuted in the Chaos Theory Goods Etsy shop:

Umbridge Singles Jewels 2ply Handspun Faire Singles

Which reminds me, I haven’t really announced the Etsy shop since it was awaiting inventory. I have started Chaos Theory Goods to house the stuff that doesn’t really fit into the norms of the NGY shop including handspun, hand crafted goods, the soaps I like to make a couple times a year, and test bases that while may have been absolutely wonderful, didn’t fit with the plans of the NGY lines. Why Etsy? Because it is an experiment and I am feeling entirely too lazy to build another open source e-commerce site just for this experiment. See, here I go talking shop again and falling on my geek. Ok, to make it up to you, here is a picture of our horse Ellie. Isn’t she pretty?