Pwnie Falkland – tencel blend yarn

After seeing the Yarn Review section of Interweave Knits Spring 2012 where tencel yarns were discussed I was inspired to pick up NGY Pwnie Falkland again and make some summer weight shawls. Fair warning, Random Fandom club spoilers ahead, if you haven’t gotten your June yarn and don’t want to see what’s in store then bookmark this post and come back when you have opened your mail! 🙂

Peacock on Pwnie tencel blend yarnFirst knit was with Peacock and the free pattern, Lala’s Simple Shawl. The combo of the yarn and pattern makes for a lovely summer evening shawlette.

I still have quite a bit of yarn left after making the size I wanted so I am trying out the short 9″ HiyaHiya needles and working up some yoga socks. It sure has been nice to not worry about pulling the magic loop around all the time and dpns have never worked for me. The jury is still out on whether these will aggravate my hands or not but I am hopeful!

SPOILERS! Last warning!

My most recent Pwnie cast on is with this month’s Random Fandom colorway inspired by Scooby Doo – It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the Mystery Machine! I am working another free pattern called the Dragonfly Wings downloadable from Ravelry. I am still working through the stockinette section but the prospect of the pretty edging is keeping me motivated!

Mystery Machine