Dye Lab Project Update

You guys are amazing! The Dye Lab Project is currently at 77% 80% 89% 94.5% 99% of the goal completely funded, all profits from items purchased now go to charity! NGY would be nothing without wonderful customers like each and every one of you!

[progpress title="Dye Lab Project" goal="2000" current="2101" previous="2056" label="Dye Lab Project Goal"]

The Dye Lab Project will stay up until at least the first week of September or until all items have sold out. I am hoping to cross the goal for a big donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

I will be emailing all those who have ordered the lux yarn soon as I need to make sure the yarn will arrive in time. Do you have a website you would like linked to your name? Let me know and I will link you up on the thank you page! Preliminary thank yous to all who have contributed toward the project so far (a permanent page will be up soon, this is in no particular order):

Carrie J.
Kimberly H.
Caitlin I.
Carey W.
Casey (zephead) – Tangerine Designs
Hebah A.
Camille R.
Jonelle S.
Holli P.
Sue K.
Gale S.
Antara G.
Theresa S.
Adrienne B.
Charis K.
Kristyn H.
Sherri F.
Lisa Daigle
Barbara M.
Ruth1783, Official Footman-Person-of-Awesomeness
Janet D.
Melisande W.
Jessica T.
Shannon G.
Eileen F.
Caitlin B.
Marlys H-F.
Timothy N.
Misty (Langwidere)
Celia J.
Lorenia L.
Stacy S.
Sharon C.
baconfairy (editor note: best name EVAR)
Aisha L.
Niki R.
Tracy H.
Elaine L.
Catherine K.
Kathleen K.
Emily S.
Vanessa L.