Cyber Monday Sale & Update – Starts at Midnight!

Nerd Girl Yarns is having a one day Cyber Monday sale! Starting at midnight CST, use the coupon code yarntastic at checkout to get 20% off your entire order!

Also at midnight:

The new Masterminds colorways will be available for preorder inspired by Harry Potter’s most vile villains:

Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange Inspired Yarn

Lots of one of a kind yarns and some of the shop favorites dyed up and ready to ship for last minute holiday crafting:

One of a Kind & Instock Yarns


An assortment of one of a kind fibers & batts for zen spinning:

NGY One of a Kind Fibers and Batts

All new fiber colorways based on the NGY yarn colorway favorites plus at least one of each in stock and ready to ship!

NGY New Dyed to Order Fiber Colorways

Also new to the dyed to order fiber colorways is an option to have any of the colorways blended into batts for those who love them with the added option to have sparkles & glitz added.

Looking for a unique hand dyed gift but no time to craft? I just added several handdyed silk scarves to the Chaos Theory Goods Etsy shop – the Cyber Monday sale in Chaos Theory Goods will give you free shipping anywhere in the world if you use the coupon FREESHIP at checkout!

Chaos Theory Goods by NGY at Etsy