Steampunk Showcase

I want to share some additional contest submissions that I especially enjoyed. No more introduction needed, they speak for themselves.

Langwidere had a whole cast of characters for her video submission: Lodestar Hat, Stay Sane Splatterdashes, Princess Langwidere Cowl, and Mechiposa Mitts.

Mustashriqa wrote a wonderful letter telling a story that included her Chemise, her Age of Brass and Steam, and Corseted Mitts.

AdrienneCMC has the Full, Unabridged, Official Backstory on her blog (it’s worth the visit!!) that details the journey of he project: Last of the Sky Pirates. Her blog shows some teamwork with Caitzilla as they photoed one another for their entries (evidence in the blog post)!

AdrienneCMC's Last of the Sky Pirates

Uniknitter created a Cephalopoda tea cozy worthy of Tea with Tesla.


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  1. This was such an amazing contest – thank you for hosting it! And of course for providing the lovely yarns which lend themselves so easily to awesome projects. 🙂

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