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Washed Fleeces

Washed Fleeces – Romeldale & Jacob drying

Six fleeces made it home with me from MDSW and boy have I had a good time with them. I scored a Romeldale CVM, a beautiful Cotswold, a wonderfully colored Jacob, a Border Leicester, a Finn and a Leicester Longwool. The folks who work the fleece market were super helpful, I have no experience with the Finn and I learned so much from a volunteer in the market. I am really excited to spin it.

These fleeces will make it to the shop in many ways – some natural, some dyed, some locks, some rovings, & some batts. The first of the finished prep has made it to the shop as locks and as batts in plenty of time for Tour de Fleece.  Here is a sampler of what went into the shop today:

Are you spinning in the Tour de Fleece this year? Even if you are new to spinning it is a fun event & always helps me spend more time with my wheel. There is a Nerd Girl Yarns team again this year and those spinning for the team will be eligible for prizes throughout the event! Learn more in the NGY Ravelry group!

Dyeing the fleece

Dyed fleeces

Different wools affect my handspun as much as the prep does. When I spin I like the fiber to tell me what it wants to be even if it is outside of my comfort zone. My favorite go to spinning technique has always been corespun. What is your favorite fiber prep? What is on your wheel right now? What are you excited to start spinning?

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  1. I love all of these fleeces! I can’t wait to see the other incarnations they take in the shop. 🙂

    I love combed top because it’s a familiar prep for me, but roving and batts seem to add their own depth of character for the final yarn. I’m really looking forward to spinning up Spoilers (of course) during Tour de Fleece for my cardigan spin, but also the Unicorns batt as a corespun. It will only be my second, but I think it’s a perfect batt for it. I just have to decide if I want to diz it first or just tear off strips.

    Right now I’m spinning Supernatural colors (Shut Your Cake Hole on Polwarth specifically) and Absinthe (Merino/Bamboo). I’ve decided to use the latter for a weaving project with some locks. 😀

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