Fundraiser with Fabulous Incentives

We’ve been plotting a move to a commercial studio for sometime but due to recent family demands because of illnesses (read more on Ravelry) we needed to kick the move into overdrive. In order to do that I have created a fundraiser with lots of extra special incentives to thank the super awesome Nerd Girls and Nerd Guys for continuing to support us. The project is on the Fundrazr site here so you can easily share it and watch it grow in real time!

The most exciting part about moving to a new studio is the potential to open it up to the community. In addition to being able to host dye and spin classes we hope that fiber artists will take advantage of the future space to meet with their knit/crochet/spin groups and we would love to be able to host some game nights for trading card games & board games. Maybe we can even convince them to take up a fiber hobby! 🙂

There are many levels and every single supporter means the world to us, even if you can help get the word out we sincerely appreciate it.