It’s about handmaking every single yarn & fiber

I’ve entered NGY in the FedEx Small Business Grant contest. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant but the $5000 and the $1000 prizes are no chump change either! It would be amazing to win the top level prizes as I would use it to hire our very first outside of the family employee to run the office, manage the backend and work with retailers of NGY. We could fast track our next stage, we are ready to grow but can’t open more accounts with LYS’ until we can hire help and the grant would give us that window to hire while we grow the account list. There is only so much that a couple of us can do around here and I won’t sacrifice any client to take on more work, not my NGY customers and fans or my existing or future LYS accounts. Everyone is important no matter what the size of their order is.

Sometimes I contemplate dyeing for stock only instead of the semi-custom process that is dyed to order to streamline the business but then I remember why I love dyed to order so much. Not only does it give me the flexibility to offer so many base options but I get to know every crafter that places an order. It’s not just putting an order in a shipping envelope, it’s about handmaking every yarn and fiber for someone and thinking about them the entire time I am making it. I feel like every customer is a friend and I know what bases are their favorite, what colors they prefer, and what fandoms they love. I get to help their friends and family pick out gifts for them on birthdays and holidays and I feel like my entire customer base is part of one big knit/crochet group night. I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

So, if you have the time to click Vote for NGY on the FedEx contest I would really appreciate it. You can once every day until February 23rd. The top 100 businesses in the contest with the most votes gets to go on to the next round of judging. If you can share with your friends and family that would be fabulous.

Thanks in advance and thanks to all of you for letting me get to know you and provide you with hand dyed yarn and fiber.

Update: Voting is closed, thanks to all of you who voted and shared!