Can’t Stop the Signal

I’ve done a few video interviews recently so I am going to take a moment to share these with you all. Full disclosure, video interviews stress me out a little bit. Am I supposed to look at the camera or the host? Do I look weird? If you’ve met me I’m a pretty animated person but I get stage fright during these interviews. Does my voice sound funny? Oh my gosh, have I completely fumbled the English language?

Luckily the podcast I did with The Dyer’s Notebook put me at ease. Laura is a really nifty person and she made me feel like a couple of old friends chatting (and her hair is amazing!). Check out the episode!

At Maker Faire KC I got the amazing chance to chat with Make founder and CEO, Dale Dougherty. He’s a super chill guy and he is really passionate about making and genuinely interested in people’s projects. I was peddling away on the exercise bike spinning wheel hack during the video.

NGY was also spotlighted on Make’s blog and we were awarded two Editor’s Choice blue ribbons at Maker Faire KC. It is a true honor, I really respect Make and all the makers that contribute to their crafts. Maker Faire is such an inspiring experience, both for the opportunity to meet and learn from other makers and to share what we do with the public and young potential makers.