Project Linus Donation from Winter is Coming Game

The final tally is in for the NGY Winter is Coming game! Here’s how AWESOME you guys did:

Total number of entries: 178
Total number of entries using NGY: 35

If you don’t remember, I promised a $1 donation to Project Linus for every entry and an additional $2 for every entry using NGY with a maximum donation of $250. Here’s the numbers:

Number of projects (178) x $1: 178
Bonus for NGY projects (35) x $2: $70
Total expected donation: $248

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I rounded on up to $250 and made the donation online this morning.

Nerd Girl Yarns Project Linus Donation

I also have done the random draw for prizes. If you were the winner, check your Ravelry for an earburn or the prize announcement post. Thank you so much to everyone that played along and crafted for others!