Met Him on the River

Riverwalk Mitts in NGY Met Him on the RiverSome of you noticed that a couple of weeks before the Fall 2015 colorway premier I snuck an extra special color in the shop, Met Him on the River. This colorway was created for the River Walk Convertible Mitt(en)s co-designed by Carina Spencer and Allyson Dykhuizen for Midwestern Knits. Midwestern Knits is a project that launched last year to create a book of patterns by Midwestern designers or inspired by the Midwest. I immediately signed up to do colorways for the project and provide yarns for the fundraiser because I dearly love the Midwest and loved the idea of showcasing it. On August 17th Midwestern Knits, the love child of Carina and Allyson, launched and so did the colorway, Met Him on the River.

Growing up in Missouri I spent a lot of time around water; splashing around in lakes, crawdadding in creeks, and exploring the banks of rivers. My great-grandmother lived near the Missouri River and we used to play down by the river building rafts and pretending to be Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I think the only thing that stopped us from actually trying to launch our rafts was the fear of whirlpools and alligators. When I wasn’t playing near the water I was reading and as you can guess from my ancedote, Mark Twain was one of my favorites. You can’t grow up in Missouri and not be familiar with the works of Mark Twain.

Choosing the name for the colorway was a little bit harder but ultimately I went with a phrase from Mark Twain’s memoir about his time as a steamboat captain, Life on the Mississippi:

“When I find a well-drawn character in fiction or biography I generally take a warm personal interest in him, for the reason that I have known him before–met him on the river.”

Riverwalk Mitts in NGY Met Him on the River

This colorway is kind of a familiar soul, a well met friend, and personal memory all wrapped into one. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you love how it looks paired with the River Walk Convertible Mitt(en)s. I’d love to see your projects, you can find me on the Nerd Girl Yarns Ravelry group, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find Met Him on the River from Nerd Girl Yarns and you can order your copy of Midwestern Knits here!

Oh, and if you haven’t read Life on the Mississippi you can read it free through Project Gutenberg.