It’s time to play along again!

Bracelets with crocheted handspun

Bracelets with crocheted handspun

It’s that time of year again; the air is getting crisp, the woolens are coming out of storage, and it is time to run another Nerd Girl Yarns game!

This year it’s all about the bits. If you’re like me you probably have a stash of partial skeins of NGY leftover from completed projects, or maybe you buy skeins in colorways to play together because you love multicolored projects!

This year’s annual Nerd Girl Yarn crafting contest is to show us how you use up those bits or pair up colorways! Maybe make some pretty sachets to scent your drawers, make bunting to decorate your home or work desk, craft some soap sacks to hold your handmade soaps, make a set of coasters to protect your table, stripe shawls/scarves or make colorwork hats. However you decide to use up your bits or partial skeins of yarn they must be woven, crocheted or knitted and they must be a completed project.
Shawl using three colors of Bounce & Stomp

Shawl using three colors of Bounce & Stomp

This contest will be played out in our Nerd Girl Yarns Ravelry group and final voting will be done by Ravelry members. You can enter as many times as you want but each entry must be complete (no partial blankets and items that have multiple pieces must have all their pieces). Not sure if your project would count as complete? If you would consider it complete enough to gift it to someone you care about then it’s complete. Completed items do not have to be a gift, it’s just a way to consider completeness.

Prizes! No contest is complete without prizes! The project that gets the most votes after the voting period closes will receive a $50 gift certificate for Nerd Girl Yarns, the runner up will get a $25 gift certificate, and two runners up will get a Midwestern Knits project bag. Whoop whoop!

The rules:
–Your project must use at least 75% Nerd Girl Yarns yarn or handspun from 75% Nerd Girl Yarns combed top/batts.
–Your entry must be woven, crocheted or knitted.
–Your project must be complete. Pieces of a modular project are not deemed complete, you may make a sock yarn scrap blanket but it must be finished within the contest time. If you would consider it complete enough to gift it to someone you care about then it’s complete. Completed items do not have to be a gift, it’s just a way to consider completeness. If you still aren’t sure if your project will be accepted please feel free to ask in the contest chatter thread!
–Your project must use less than one skein of yarn if it is in one colorway or must use (full or partial) multiple colors.
–Projects must be finished during the run of the contest. The contest officially begins at midnight CDT September 15th, 2015 and ends midnight CST November 30th, 2015. The official contest entry thread will be opened on September 15th here.
–Completed entries must be posted in the contest entry thread by midnight CST November 30, 2015 and must include the following: photo of project being entered, description of project, and listing of yarn used.
–Judging will be in a new locked thread the first week of December and votes will be cast via Ravelry buttons. Entries which do not meet the rules of the contest will not be posted in the judging thread. Anyone who is a member of Ravelry can vote on projects. Winners will be announced within 48 hours after judging closes.
–Prizes cannot be substituted and have no cash out value.
Q: Do I have to use leftover yarn for the contest or can I use brand new skeins?
A: You may use partial or full skeins but there must be multiple colorways happening if you are using full skeins and your project must use less than a full skein if you are using only one colorway. You may use leftovers, stashbust, or shop for all new yarn!
Q: Can I make larger projects or must they be smaller stash busters?
A: You can make any sized project your heart desires as long as it falls within the rules.
Q: Can I chatter on Ravelry with other folks about this contest?
Any additional FAQ mentions that come up will be posted in the Ravelry contest thread.