Minneapolis is for Crocheters

…and knitters, spinners, weavers, felters and all of the other fiber folks I left out of the title, sorry about the click-bait. Minneapolis may really be for everyone but the Minneapolis Collection from The Firefly Hook is only for those that crochet. Abbey Swanson, crochet designer extraordinaire, has designed this fabulous book of gorgeous crochet patterns that will leave you excited for each and every one of them. I had the honor of working with her to create the colorways and couldn’t have done it without her vision. These patterns are classy, they are functional, and they are a joy to make. If you are a new crocheter or have been considering taking up crochet there are patterns here even a beginner can accomplish.

I have told some of you before, I have to know the place/character/event I am translating to a colorway. I want to know what there is to love about it, not just a photograph or video still. I don’t know Minneapolis like those who live there or are from there but Abbey does and she told me about the best banana pancakes and columbian coffee at Maria’s Café. Here is a rundown on the NGY Minneapolis Colorway Collection. Even if you don’t crochet, these colorways are available on any of our dyed to order bases for whatever your string hobby. I hope I’ve done Minneapolis a service with these colorways and I can’t wait to visit.

Farmer's Market

Colorway: Farmer’s Market (designed to work up with Cassandra & Raggedy Man for the pattern)
Designed for: Farmers Market Bag
Inspirational notes: Downtown farmer’s market with stalls of handmade goods, produce in abundance, and fresh cut flowers.

Franklin Avenue

Colorway: Franklin Avenue
Designed for: Franklin Street Beanie
Inspirational notes: Green awnings, strong columbian coffee, delicious banana pancakes, red diner chairs, live music.

Institute of Arts

Colorway: Institute of Arts
Base designed for: Trifecta (worsted, 80% superwash merino 10% cashmere 10% nylon)
Designed for: MIA Ascot
Inspirational notes: The joy of exploring the outside of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in addition to the inside.

Sculpture Garden

Colorway: Sculpture Garden
Base designed for: Luscious (heavy worsted single, 60% superfine merino 40% silk)
Designed for: Sculpture Garden Cowl
Inspirational notes: The contrast of man-made sculpture with natural beauty at the Walker Art Center & Sculpture Garden.


Colorway: Nicollette
Base designed for: Beans (fingering, 100% soybean)
Designed for: Nicollet Avenue Tie
Inspirational notes: A never-ending classy party where everyone attends but no one takes themselves too seriously – music & people enjoying themselves & the area.


Colorway: Uptown
Base designed for: Heart You (light fingering, 100% superwash merino)
Designed for: Uptown Tunic
Inspirational notes: Diversity, art, expressionism.

Lake Calhoun

Colorway: Lake Calhoun
Base designed for: Rant (superbulky single, 100% superfine merino)
Designed for: Lake Calhoun Park Mat
Inspirational notes: The city meets natural beauty – a place for urban dwellers to bike, hike, swim, and just enjoy nature.

Stone Arch Bridge

Colorways: Heritage, Mighty Mississippi, and Stone Arch Bridge
Base designed for: Parlay (worsted, 60% merino 40% bamboo)
Designed for: Stone Arch Bridge Scarf
Inspirational notes: The importance of the Mississippi, the iconic bridge, and breath-taking views of the city from it.

I’ve just finished my Stone Arch Bridge Scarf and this was the first time I have every crocheted with Parlay (worsted 60% merino 40% bamboo). While you could use other worsted weight yarns you will be seriously missing out on the squishiness and drape that Parlay gives you. Even if you choose different colors or go with a single color instead of striping, get some Parlay, you won’t regret it.