NGY Summer Reading Giveaway

nerd-girl-yarns-book-giveawayI’m an avid reader and while I’m not able to have my own private library to peruse at my heart’s desire, I am lucky enough to have an amazing public library right behind my studio. Libraries are really important to me. It’s where I found solace in my childhood, it’s where I devoured the how’s and why’s of any question that popped into my head, and it’s where I discovered stories that I might never have picked for myself thanks to the book recommendations from my librarian. I was even able to feed my addiction to music as a broke teenager thanks to a robust CD collection that I could check out with my library card.

What does this have to do with yarn, you might ask? A lot. We get most of our inspiration from pop culture – books, movies, music, and more. What better place to become inspired than your own local library!

This summer our giveaway is books, books, and more books. We will be posting a themed pair of books every week for the next twelve weeks, that’s 24 books! Winners will be chosen via random draw from the weekly entries and there will be chances for bonus entries every week. Share this with all your friends each week – they don’t even have to be yarn lovers to enjoy this giveaway!

Our goal with the NGY Summer Reading Giveaway is to share the love of reading and advocate for libraries everywhere. With state, federal, and local budget cuts our libraries need our support more than ever. Together we can make sure these irreplaceable resources are around for our children and our children’s children. We will be posting the first giveaway chance on Monday (May 9th) here and on social media. Make sure you follow Nerd Girl Yarns on Facebook if you want a chance to earn extra entries. While you wait, learn more about EveryLibrary, the library initiative that works to support ALL libraries and keep them around for many years to come.