Keep track of your dyed to order!

Nervous about placing your first order for dyed to order yarn or fiber? Don’t be! We’ve implemented a new feature that helps you keep track of where your order is through every step of the dyed to order process.

To check where your order is in our dye process…

Click on Account then Order Status from the top menu bar then use the form to enter your order number and your email address to perform the lookup.


The NGY Order Status will show where your yarn is in the dye process. I’ve posted a page to tell you what all the order status updates mean and you can click on that ‘What does this mean?’ right next to the status to get to the info page as well.


None of this process is automated, I manually update the statuses and plan to do so every time your yarn moves from one stage to the next. As always we are happy to help you so just drop us a line if you have any questions!