Mad Genius Workshops

Mad Genius Dye Lab – Group or Guild Edition

Hand Dyed Wool RovingHand dyeing is a combination of science, art, and experimentation. The hurdle stopping most people from playing with dyes is the dedicated equipment required. In the Mad Genius Hand Dye Workshop participants will get the opportunity to learn how to hand paint yarn & roving and leave with their own custom creation without the expense of dedicated equipment.

Workshops can be custom designed and can be more or less intensive. Workshops can include kettle dyeing, immersion dyeing & overdyeing, using fiber reactive dyes using the same acid setting procedures, and creating self-striping and/or gradient yarns.

An example four hour hand painting workshop would include:

  • How to prep yarn and fiber for dyeing.
  • Information on how dyes bond to protein yarns and how colors layer to create unique shades.
  • How to paint your yarn & fiber, set it, and rinse/condition it.

Maximum 10 participants per workshop. Cost of the workshop is $20 per hour plus materials. Email if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

Mad Genius Handspun Lab – Group or Guild Edition

Wonderland Intentional HandspunCrafting a masterpiece handspun yarn starts with creative fiber prep. In the Mad Genius Handspun Lab participants will learn methods to dye and prep fiber to create a variety of textured yarns and art yarns.

Day one consists of learning how to hand paint, immersion dye, and overdye various kinds of fiber – from top to fleece to locks using acid dyes and how to handle it to achieve the results needed for day two. Participants will also do some blending and carding of already dyed or natural fibers to prepare for day two.

 On day two we will take the dry fiber we dyed the day before as well as the additional materials we prepped and spin! Handspun techniques covered will include:

  • Corespinning
  • Spinning with fabric
  • Fulled singles
  • Spinning with intentionally fulled wool
  • Fluffed & plied yarn
  • And more…

Cost of the workshop is $20 per hour plus materials. Email if you are interested in hostinga workshop.